Your Partner in Global Commodities Trading

Our network and experience allows to find prime buyers and sellers in order to execute your trade orders. Our founding partner has 20 years experience in Global trade of commodities including Gold, Oil & Gas, Rice and Sugar.

Ivy Global Commodities is a part of the Ivy Company and the Goldman Consortium and brings together the expertise skills and global networks of over 60 Goldman Sachs Alumni and also over 2300 Ivy League Alumni to execute global commodities trading deals in a vast range of Commodities. IGC also has access to over 70,000 members of the Alumni of the Ivy League network which was founded by IGCs founding partner. This is one of the highest trusted large network in the world ensuring the ability to find the best possible and reputable trading partners.

Ivy Global Commodities uses its world class team to create new partnerships, joint ventures and finding new business opportunities globally. Some of our operations includes.

  • Trading of oil, oil derivatives, LPG, LNG.
  • Development and implementation of renewable energy sources.
  • Trading of Agri products including Sugar, Rice and Wheat.
  • Additional services including insurance, shipping and logistics, processing, refining.